Whale Shark - Porcelain Whale Shark - "Many Stars"

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Product Description

Add a touch of mystery to your Little Critterz porcelain figurine collection with the enigmatic whale shark. This gentle giant spends a lot of time out in the open sea so much of its life cycle remains a mystery.

A shark, but not a whale, the whale shark is as big as some whales and is the largest known fish. Like some whales it is a filter feeder, scooping up to a ton of plankton, krill and small fish per day through their gaping mouths.

The average length of a whale shark is 18 to 32 feet (5.5 – 10m). The largest known so far was 61.7 feet (18.8m). It is usually found in the warmer waters of the tropical oceans and rarely in cold water.

Critterz Tailz Fun Fact: In Madagascar, whale sharks are called "Marokintana," meaning "Many Stars," after the constellation of markings on their backs. In the Philippines, it is called butanding and balilan, and they feature on the reverse of the Philippine 100-peso bill.

Many Stars, our porcelain whale shark, is only 2 inches in size but he is HUGE in detail. Each miniature critter is entirely hand-painted by talented artists using a very thin brush with only a few hairs. Every piece is high-fired and subjected to rigorous quality control. This process guarantees the purity of the colors, the perfect shape and the sharpness of every detail.

Give Many Stars pride of place in your collection, add him to an ocean scene diorama or give as a gift to an animal lover. 

CAUTION! NOT A TOY. Decorative Item Only. WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD. Not for children under 3 years. Not intended for consumption or for use in stove, microwave or dishwasher.