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About Us

Our Founding:

Little Critterz® began in the beautiful town of Bellagio, on Lake Como in northern Italy. Roberta and Patrick Korch vacationed there some time ago. 

Patrick was painting the delightful scenery and people of the town, while Roberta explored the Bellagio markets.

Roberta, ever on the lookout for quality products for her San Diego retail store, Worldview, discovered some exquisite animal figurines. The shop owner generously gave her the name of his supplier and she arranged for the figurines to be designed for the North American marketplace. And so Little Critterz was born.

Our figurines are crafted in the lush mountains and verdant plains of  Thailand where people have cared and loved for animals since the beginning of their national story.

Each of the figurines is made by small and intricate molds and painted by hand with brushes only a few hairs thick.

The team at Little Critterz takes inspiration from the diversity of the animal world and delights in the wonderment both children and adults can feel when encountering the natural world for the first time; reminding us to protect of this planet’s amazing creatures. We take pride in sharing their stories so that we can protect these animals and their habitats. This wonderful planet and its creatures should be a heritage we can all admire and enjoy.

The original Little Critterz:

Roberta & Pat Korch

Mission Statement

Little Critterz mission is to inspire people’s awareness of the value of wildlife on our planet by creating diverse lines of animal miniatures to delight, cherish and share. In doing so, we hope to foster an increased awareness, knowledge and concern for the survival of Earth's wildlife and their habitats.

Product Information

Little Critterz Porcelain miniatures are NOT toys. Warning: Choking Hazard - Not Recommended for Children Under 3 Years. They are Decorative Items Only. They are lead free. Porcelain is breakable and chippable.  They are not for consumption or designed for use in a microwave or dishwasher.