Little Critterz selection of porcelain animal figurines includes a wide selection of adult and baby mammals - everything from pets like cats and dogs to exotic wildlife like monkeys and tigers or regional icons like the magnificent North American moose.  As well as making excellent gifts for animal enthusiasts, collectors love the high quality and realism of these miniatures while crafters find them ideal for shadow boxes and dioramas.


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Seal - Porcelain Elephant Seal Figurine - "Mirounga" - Porcelain Animal FIgurines - Little Critterz, Little Critterz

Seal - Porcelain Elephant Seal Figurine - "Mirounga"


Carded porcelain elephant seal figurine by Little Critterz®®. Hand-painted, Miniature in size, HUGE in Details. Critter Tailz Fun Fact: Elephant Seals are the largest earless seals. Their name is derived from both their size and the male’s large nose or proboscis. Primarily oceangoing, both species come ashore in the winter for pupping and ...

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