Vanishing Vaquita Part 3: 51 Ways You Can Save The World’s Rarest Marine Mammal

International Save The Vaquita Day
 is July 9th!

Little Critterz has been gathering momentum for this day by spreading awareness of the species, explaining the porpoises predicament causing its rapid decline, and we even recently launched our brand new porcelain figurine of the “Marina” Vaquita, which we are especially excited about!

NOW it is time to take action.


Read Vanishing Vaquita Part 1: The World’s Rarest Marine Mammal

Read Vanishing Vaquita Part 2: The Porpoises Battle with the Wall of Death


Here’s the deal.

We’re giving you options that range in amount of time spent, planning, and cost, because if you do something, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

From sharing content on social media to volunteering, choose any one or multiple of these actions to empower, inspire, and make a difference.


Share Information

vaquita share information

Sharing blog posts and articles online can inform, educate and inspire hundreds or even thousands of your friends to take action too!

Give the gift of knowledge. Encourage your friends and family to share information with their network too, so the audience receiving the message gets larger and larger! Soon everyone will know and love the vaquita!

  1. Share this blog post! Share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Email to your friends and family! 
  2. Share Vanishing Vaquita Part 1: The Story of the World’s Rarest Marine Mammal
  3. Share Vanishing Vaquita Part 2: A Porpoises Battle with the “Wall of Death”
  4. Share this video Souls of the Vermillion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita
  5. Share this video Meet The Vaquita Porpoise
  6. Share this video Saving The Desert Porpoise

Buy Food Consciously

vaquita buy food consciously

When you buy seafood that has been sustainably caught/harvested, you are ensuring that the methods used to catch the fish aren’t harmful or deadly to other marine animals.

  1.  Make sure you know where your seafood came from and how it was harvested.
  2.  Avoid seafood labeled “Wild-caught in Mexico”.
  3.  Ask restaurant or grocery store if they serve shrimp from other fisheries besides Mexico, like wild fisheries in North America and the pink shrimp fishery in Oregon.
  4.  Buy shrimp that is MSC Certified.
  5.  Consult the Seafood Watch App to find sustainable seafood options near you.
  6.  Eat U.S. farmed shrimp, this way you know there is a zero percent chance that a gillnet was used to catch the shrimp.


vaquita boat

Many groups and organizations need and even rely upon people to volunteer their time! This is such a fun, educational and very hands on way to get involved.

  1. VivaVaquita has several projects that can sometimes use the help of volunteers. Contact them today and ask how you can seriously get involved.
  2. Volunteer with Porpoise Conservation Society doing harbour porpoise observation.
  3. Take a Viva Vaquita Voyage to Mexico with NozoMojo for a chance to see a vaquita and help survey the population.   


vaquita donate

Support Non Governmental Organizations working in the Upper Gulf to save the vaquita: Can’t make it to Mexico? No biggie, these organizations are working tirelessly to conserve the vaquita population and can use your donations.

  1.  WWF Mexico
  2.  National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change
  3.  VivaVaquita
  4.  Save The Whales
  5.  Society for Conservation Biology
  6.  Porpoise Conservation Society
  7. NozoMojo
  8.  IUCN
  9.  Ocean Conservancy
  10.  Pronatura
  11. Porpoise Conservation Society
  12.  Donate to the Society of Conservation Biology fund at the Marine Mammal Center.


vaquita government policy

Sign these petitions to make your voice heard to local and international governments!

  1.  Make the Gillnet Ban Permanent to Save the Vaquita!
  3. Petition: Save the Vaquita by Ocean Conservancy
  4. Contact The President of Mexico and ask him to permanently ban gillnetting.
  5.  Contact the Ministry of Natural Resources in Mexico and ask what they are doing to help save this marine mammal.
  6.  Sign petitions to ban systemic pesticide use of agricultural crops in the U.S.: The Colorado River flows into the Biosphere Reserve, where the vaquita population resides. There are several irrigated agricultural crops with heavy pesticide use in the Lower Colorado River Basin that run into the vaquita refuge.

Stay Informed

vaquita stay informed

Awareness and education are two of the most important parts of conservation. Educate yourself with the many books and resources available on the subject.

  1. Buy the informative book, The Biology of an Endangered Porpoise, by Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky, with all proceeds going to vaquita conservation.
  2. Follow vaquita blogger,  V-log.
  3. Follow vaquita blogger, Vaquita.TV.  
  4. Follow vaquita blogger, VivaVaquita.
  5. Read Vanishing Vaquita Part 1 and Part 2.
  6. Read: has an awesome compilation of the most recent and up to date news articles on the vaquita! Rea
  7. Read Aquatic cocaine: Fish bladders are the latest smuggling commodity – CNN
  8. Read The Last Vaquitas – CBS 60 Minutes
  9. Read “Vaquita marina: world’s smallest porpoise nears extinction in Mexico – The Yucatan Times
  10. Read The world’s smallest (and cutest) porpoise is close to extinction – The Washington Post
  11. Read Facing Unrelenting Pressure from Deadly Nets, Mexico’s Vaquita Porpoise ‘Circles the Drain’ – The New York Times
  12. Read Mexican Porpoise Vaquita Close to Extinction – USA Today


vaquita purchases for good

Support companies that are making a difference.

  1. Buy a case of the delicious Vaquita Chardonnay from Fallbrook Winery. To order send an email to Mention you support vaquita conservation for a discount.
  2. Buy an International Save The Vaquita T-shirt and wear it with pride!
  3. Buy a Summer 2016 New Arrival, “Marina” Vaquita figurine by Little Critterz.  


vaquita community event

  1. Attend Vaquita-Friendly Shrimp festivals in Baja, Mexico.
  2. Support Vaquita-Friendly restaurants like San Felipe Pescados y Mariscos.
  3. Encourage friends and family to celebrate International Save the Vaquita Day on July 9th, 2016.

The future of the vaquita is not hopeless, it rests entirely in our hands.

We have listed an array of actions you can take, from contacting government officials and asking for change to simply pressing the “share” button on your screen which only takes 5 seconds of your time.

We have the power to save this species, are you ready to own it?

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