4 Pig Misconceptions Cleared Up

Pigs are incredible underrated, even misunderstood. Do you agree?

For National Pig Day 2015, we wanted to take a moment to clear a few things up.

national pig day

4 Common Pig Misconceptions All Cleared Up:

1.  Intelligent
Did you know pigs are incredible intelligent? Pigs may be the smartest domesticated animal in the world. They are smarter than dogs, some scientists say smarter than dolphins, and smarter than 3 year olds. They have an incredible ability to problem solve, and they’ve even been taught to play video games!

2. Clean
Another common misconception about pigs is that they are dirty, when in fact they are very considerate about being clean! Pigs are often seen rolling in the mud, this is how they cool off since they don’t have sweat glands. Similar to elephants and horses. In fact, pigs are so clean that they if they are given sufficient space, pigs do not soil areas where they eat or sleep!

3. Skilled
Pigs have an incredible sense of smell. They are used to truffle farmers to hunt the pricey fungi!

4. Lean
Pigs are naturally very lean animals, unless they are overfed by humans.


Image by Nicholas Erwin

Share with us – Why do you love pigs?


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