7 Amazing Rock Formations

Incredible rock formations are among the most breathtaking natural occurrences Mother Nature has to offer. Whether created through hundreds of thousands of years of erosion or carved by a massive glacier, each unique rock formation has its own amazing story to tell. Here are 7 of our favorite formations throughout the world:

Horseshoe-Bend-ReplacementImage by Loic Lagarde

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona 
Located near Page, Arizona, this breathtaking sculpture was formed through years of water erosion by the Colorado River. Visit their website here.

Image by Ken Marshall

Wulingyuan, China
Found in Hunan, China, the area contains over 3,000 enormous quartzite sandstone pillars and is a UNESCO World heritage site. It is even rumored to be the inspiration for the world seen in the movie Avatar!

Image by Lauren Sharabianlou

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
We love this surreal formation because of its pillar-like structures appropriately named hoodoos! Visit the website here.

Image by Loic Lagarde

Chocolate Hills, Philippines 
This site bountiful rock formations contains at least 1,250 mound-shaped hills. Local legend has it that the hills were formed by two feuding giants throwing boulders at each other. View more detail here.

Image by Louis Vest

12 Apostles, Australia
One of our favorites because of the beautiful backdrop provided by the Pacific Ocean right off the coast of Port Campbell National Park. Visit their website site here.


Pinnacles, Australia
With back to back Australia picks, the Pinnacles holds a soft spot in our heart as the limestone formations resemble a colony of upright meerkats! For tour information visit here.


Svartifoss, Iceland
Found at the Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland, this waterfall illuminates the wonder of our planet as it was actually formed from Basaltic lava. Talk about a contrast in temperature!

Which would you love to visit most?

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