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Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation, release and research of Costa Rican Bradypus variegatus (“Three-fingered”) and Choloepus hoffmanni (“Two-fingered”) sloths. We also strive to promote and foster education initiatives about these sloths and their Costa Rican environment. We advocate their protection and recovery from injury with the aim of releasing them to their wild habitat, the rainforest. We are pioneering groundbreaking research in which wild sloths are wearing tracking devices in specially designed backpacks. The devices allow us to see the movements and daily behaviors of these enigmatic and elusive creatures. Already we have discovered the unique biology behind their ability to breathe upside-down for extended periods of time and also about their remarkably slow digestive system. We are a private facility, so we subsist on financial support to achieve our goals. We welcome donations via PayPal  and invite you to subscribe to our free newsletter here. Sloth lovers of all ages are welcome to visit the Sanctuary, where you can meet the beloved Buttercup, international sloth-celebrity (Animal Planet's "Meet the Sloths"), a 20+ year resident and our inspiration for the work we do. Even if you can’t visit Costa Rica, you can stay in touch with us by Facebook where we hope you’ll enjoy the photos and news enough to “like” us.

Snow Leopard Trust


As animal lovers, Little Critterz knows we must help the organizations that help animals, who can't help themselves from the harsh realities of poachers and habitat loss. We have selected these companies to donate to because we believe in them and their mission. Please help us in support of these amazing animal warriors. 

The Snow Leopard Trust, working out of Central Asia, has one mission: to protect and preserve the endangered Snow Leopard. By using scientific means, studying and understanding the snow leopard behavior and habitat, listening to their community to determine needs, and seeking resources for sustainable long-term programs, the Snow Leopard Trust continues to create successful conservation programs in vital habitat areas. Help us in supporting them and ensure a future for the snow leopard. 


Orangutan Outreach


Orangutan Outreach protects orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment. They seek to raise funds and promote public awareness of orangutan conservation issues by collaborating with partner organizations around the world.

We love them because they are too cute, a little wild and in need of some serious care and rehabilitation to successfully reintroduce this endangered species back into the wild, where they belong. You can donate to help Orangutan Outreach save the critically endangered orangutans and protect their rainforest home here.
 Share and reach out here.  You can adopt an orangutan here. (What we did!) Rickina, Gunung, Elo, Oscarina, Monti, Pingky, Pungky, Neng and Mimi thank you!