About Us

Little Critterz® Inc has been a manufacturer of high quality, hand painted porcelain figurines since 2004. Our office and distribution center is located in Poway, CA 92064 USA.

While on vacation at beautiful Lake Como in northern Italy, our founders, Roberta and Patrick Korch, were exploring the picturesque town of Bellagio.  Patrick, a plein air artist, was painting the people, the village and the lake while Roberta went shopping in the hillside market place.  Always on the lookout for small, unique products to buy for her retail store, WorldView, located at Seaport Village in San Diego, CA, she found some delightful porcelain animal figurines in a little shop that were perfect!  The shop owner gave her the name of his supplier and Roberta bought a suitcase full to bring back to the store.  Six months later, Roberta was able to locate the manufacturer and began the process of designing and creating our own unique figurine styles for the North American marketplace.

Little Critterz® Inc miniatures are manufactured in northern Thailand, also known by the Thai people as “The Rose of the North” for its incredible natural beauty.  It is a major center for fine porcelain and quality handicrafts from the creative and hard-working Thai people. Our miniatures are entirely hand-painted by talented artisans using a very thin brush with only a few hairs. Each high-quality figurine is a unique piece of art requiring expertise, skill and attention to detail. Every piece is high-fired and subjected to rigorous quality control to insure the color, shape and sharpness of every detail.

Born out of a passion to bring together creativity and animals in a lasting way, Little Critterz® Inc designs figurines inspired by the diverse animal kingdom of our world. We believe creating a wide range of artistic, vibrant and high quality figurines helps to tell the story and inspires people to recognize the value of Earth’s wildlife.  We believe awareness, education and appreciation are the foundations for protecting wildlife, the habitats in which they live and the diversity of the world which we all share.


Roberta & Pat Korch

Mission Statement

Little Critterz mission is to inspire people’s awareness of the value of wildlife on our planet by creating diverse lines of animal miniatures to delight, to cherish and to share.  In doing so, we hope to foster an increased awareness, knowledge and concern for the survival of Earth's wildlife and their habitats.

Chiang Mai Photos

Chiang Mai Gardens Chaing Mai Mountains

Porcelain Manufacturing

The Manufacturing of Porcelain is an extremely long and involved process including 1) Design & Carving, 2) Master Mold & Case Mold Making, 3) Working Mold and  made from 1) Raw Materials, 2) Slip Clay Preparing, 3) Forming (Slip Casting), 4) Drying, 5) Finishing, 6) Biscuit Firing (850 Degrees C), 7) Decorating (Hand Painting), 8) Glazing, 9) Cleaning, 10) Gloss Firing (1300 Degrees C), 11) Inspecting, 12) Packing, 13) Shipping.  Porcelain figurines are rarely glazed on the bottom. It is quite common for fine porcelain figurines to have a small "breathing hole" somewhere on the base to allow the air to escape from inside of the figurine during the very high firing process. Without the hole, not only would the figurine explode during firing, it would also damage many other figurines in the firing rack. The process of "punching" this hole in the base before firing displaces a tiny plug of porcelain to the inside of the hollow figurine; that tiny porcelain bit hardens with firing, causing the distinctive rattle. See the link below for a history and description of the process:  Porcelain Manufacturing

Factory Photos 

Factory Entrance Factory Pond


Design and Carving Design and Carving

Mold Making

Forming Finishing
Bisque Firing (850 Degrees C) Hand Painting
Hant Painting Glazing
Glazing High Firing

Each figurine makes a perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself and a treasured and wonderful addition to any collection.

Product Information

Little Critterz Porcelain miniatures are NOT toys. Warning: Choking Hazard - Not Recommended for Children Under 3 Years. They are Decorative Items Only.  They are lead free. Porcelain is breakable and chippable.  They are not for consumption or designed for use in a microwave or dishwasher.